3. Channeling Truth (including meditation and channelled message) with Courtney Amundson


This week HER Conversations guest is Courtney Amundson. She is a highly prodigious musician and author. Her first book Teachings from God was written and published when she was still a teenager. 

What most fascinates me about Courtney is not only has she accomplished so much so early on in her life but that she is a channeler. It was this channelled wisdom that formed the content of her book. 

As you listen you will get to understand:

  • What it feels like physically when you channel
  • The difference between trusting and knowing 
  • How we are all channels. 

And as an extra treat, Courtney will guide us through a powerful meditation with a special channelled message for us all. Needless to say, that part of the podcast is not for you unless you can be in a relaxed space. 

For more information on Courtney www.teachingsfromgod.com