16. Reclaiming Your Womb Power with Kerry Wilde

KERRY H.E.R. 2000PX (1).png

My conversation this week is with Kerry Wilde. She is a yoga teacher,  reiki practitioner and female empowerment mentor. However, I particularly wanted to highlight her womb alchemy work. 

In order for us women to fully reclaim our sovereignty, we each have healing to do. 

As we delve into the deep discovery of ourselves, uncovering and releasing trauma/shame it ultimately leads to us acknowledging the power of our womb as Kerry affirms ‘the creatrix of all life.’

It is also time we address the negative associations and often offensive connotations around words such as vagina, cunt and pussy. Kerry talks about their true definitions and powerful origins. 

She also tells about the transformative power of crystal wands and yogi eggs. 

For more information about Kerry please go to https://www.kerrywilde.com/