10. Demystifying Numbers with Lorraine Whyte

LORRAINE 2000PX (5).png

My guest this week is Intuitive Life Strategist, Lorraine Whyte. 
She specialises in helping her clients, who are mainly heart centred coaches and therapists, gain clarity about their unique soul offering. 
Using a unique blend of numerology and astrology Lorraine is not only able to identify the specifics of their talents and but then also able to direct them towards their ideal audience. 

In our conversation she reveals:
What particular numbers show her whether someone is suited to a life of an entrepreneur and service. 
How effective changing our name is when we want to create a shift in our lives. 
Also what to consider when naming children. 
And of course so much more...

To connect with Lorraine online go to www.lifestrategist.co.uk