15. Yoga Nidra, Buddhism & Travel with Dionne Roberts

DIONNE 2000PX.png

This week HER Conversations welcomes Dionne Roberts, founder of Declog Body Mind. 

In our conversation this week she talks about her journey from an artist and dancer to a teacher of Yoga Nidra. 

Dionne also tells us about how travel altered her perceptions, her conversion to Buddhism and touches on her experience as a woman of colour in the yoga space. 

And as always much more in between. 

Find out more about Dionne at www.declogbodymind.com 

14. Creating An International Yoga Business with Sequoia Henning

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This week my guest on HER Conversations is Sequoia Henning founder of Feeling Soul Good her company that runs international yoga teacher trainings. 
I met Sequoia when I travelled to India in February 2017 to study Kundalini yoga. I was inspired by the way she had followed her calling and created a life around it. 
So many of us talk about aspirations to travel or to start a business and yet most of those wishes remain unfulfilled. It was Sequoias willingness to answer her calling that drew me to her and I know will inspire you. 

As we speak you will learn: 
How she discovered yoga, pranayama, meditation, mantra and healed herself
What characteristics you need to develop to be a single woman travelling the world
How to open up allow magic to guide you 

And so much more....

For more about Sequoias work go to www.feelingsoulgood.com

13. Speaking Out Like A Diva with Shola Kaye

SHOLA H.E.R. 2000PX.png

This week on HER Conversations, my guest is the award-winning public speaker, author and singer Shola Kaye. 

Speaking in public is often listed as one of the most common fears, second to only to flying and even above the fear of death! 

While you may think that you will never need to hone this skill, being able to confidently communicate in front of a group of people can be life-changing. This can be anything from feeling heard within your peer group or family, presenting your ideas and thoughts in a working environment or holding the attention of an audience of 100’s or even 1,000’s of people. 

Shola shares with me:
The advantages introverts have over extroverts
What techniques she uses to prepare before speaking
Ways to familiarise yourself to the audience before you get to the stage
How to use energy shift to keep everyone engaged And of course much more...

Find out more about Shola www.sholakaye.com

12. Embodying Your Voice with Sharleen Linton

SHARLEEN H.E.R. 2000PX.png

This weeks guest is Sharleen Linton of My Vocal Therapy. After years of working as an in-demand singer for some of the biggest names in the music industry, she founded her own unique way of serving her clients as a Vocal Therapist. 

During our conversation, Sharleen shares how she overcame her own shyness and followed her passion for music. 

We also hear how she witnessed the real pressures that artists face and she discovered that the tools to assist them. 

Even if you are not a performer there will be some takeaways for you in this episode. 

As Sharleen shares tips and exercises that anyone can use to develop a connection to and confidence in embodying their voice. 

Find out more about Sharleen at www.myvocaltherapy.com

11. Blossoming After Breast Cancer with Sharon Curry

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This weeks guest on HER Conversations is Sharon Curry, Breast Cancer Coach and META Health practitioner. 

Her story is fascinating and inspiring. Sharon had a successful corporate career when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

It was during her recovery that she not only discovered herself but also came to understand how her beliefs and emotions that had caused her breast cancer. 

Sharon talks openly about how cancer woke her up to herself and gave her a new life purpose. 

She also explains what META health is and how different diseases are indications of particular thought patterns and beliefs. 

And so much more... 

For more about Sharon www.sharoncurry.co.uk

10. Demystifying Numbers with Lorraine Whyte

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My guest this week is Intuitive Life Strategist, Lorraine Whyte. 
She specialises in helping her clients, who are mainly heart centred coaches and therapists, gain clarity about their unique soul offering. 
Using a unique blend of numerology and astrology Lorraine is not only able to identify the specifics of their talents and but then also able to direct them towards their ideal audience. 

In our conversation she reveals:
What particular numbers show her whether someone is suited to a life of an entrepreneur and service. 
How effective changing our name is when we want to create a shift in our lives. 
Also what to consider when naming children. 
And of course so much more...

To connect with Lorraine online go to www.lifestrategist.co.uk

9. Words From HER Women

H.E.R. 2000PX (4).png

I was inspired to create HER Conversations in September 2017

I reached out to the women that I knew to invite them to be interview for the series. 

So thank you to:

Abi Osho
Alexis Jones
Anita Mckenzie
Courtney Amundson
Donna Owindi
Kristina Wingeier
Lorraine Whyte
Rachael Welford
Sharleen Linton
Sharon Curry
Shola Kaye

For agreeing to come onboard from a simple email. Ideas only ever grow with support. 

Putting together a series like this requires consistent work. I want the production to be the best I can do and there is so more much I want and need to do. But no complaints at all. It has been a great learning experience. This has shown me what I have the capacity for. 

This weeks episode is a compilation of answers to the same 2 questions. 

The first is the opener to all episodes. 

HER is an acronym for Higher Energetic Resonance, when do you feel your most HER? 

The second question will hopefully get you thinking too. 

During our lives, we meet so many different people and engage is so many exchanges. Some may be fleeting, while others develop into lifelong relationships. What we can never be sure if is the impact a casual phrase may have on somebody else. 

It could quite literally change the course of their lives. 

I wanted to find out from my guests what was the best piece of advice another woman had given them. 

I hope this episode provides some inspiration for you. 

8. Bereavement, Grief & Moving On with Donna Owindi

DONNA H.E.R. 2000PX (4).png

I started HER Conversations as a way of speaking to women whose work fascinates me and facilitates my growth in the belief that this will also do the same for others. 
There is also another aspect that I intend to introduce and today’s episode signals the start of that. 
Like many other people, I have experiences and perspectives that have severely challenged me. Of course all of those have been instrumental in forming who I am today and how I view the world. 
However I many of those events hold some stigma and as a result, are never openly discussed.  
The thing about secrets is they fester and create within us a turbulence that can often hamper our lives. Maybe we are misunderstood, have addictions or continually sabotage our own development. 

So periodically I there will be an episode that is more of a discussion where I and my guest open up about a shared experience. 

Maybe the topic will mirror your life or that of somebody you know or it will simply bring a new understating to something that has not been apart of your story. 

So with all that being said to this weeks episode. I am talking with my good friend Donna Owindi about how the death of a parent impacted our lives. Donnas father passed in January 2016 and my mother in August of that same year. 

We begin by Donna talking about how we met… 

For more information about Donna’s work a Mind Shift Coach and Podcaster visit www.monversation.com

7. Astrology 101 with Kristina Wingeier

KRISTINA-H.E.R. 2000PX (4).png

If you have any level of curiosity about astrology then this is definitely the episode for you. 

Like most people I became aware of basic astrology by reading horoscopes in mainstream media that promised to interpret what was ‘written in my stars’. 

However that stuff is so vague and diluted its easy to see why there is general disbelief about the accuracy of information that it can provide. 

Now as I begin to uncover its true depths, I appreciate it as a tool and an art form. When you speak with true astrologer, they are able to offer you insights and guide on ways to ride the subtle energies we are constantly moving through. 

This weeks guest on HER Conversations is Astrologer Kristina Wingeier and on this episode she:

Explains the basics of astrology

  • Highlights aspects of our sign we need to know
  • Speaks on the stereotypes of the zodiac 
  • Guides us on can we work with the changes in the Moon
  • Tell us what it really means when Mercury is in Retrograde and if we need to freak out

Kristina also offers some advice for the empaths among us. 

Sign up for Kristina's new course Vibrate The Cosmos

6. Ministry with Food with Rev. Anita McKenzie, Sistahintheraw

ANITA -H.E.R. 2000PX (4).png

This week I am speaking to Rev. Anita Mackenzie, Interfaith Minister, Raw Food coach and founder of Sistahintheraw. 

During our conversation, she talks about her role as an Interfaith Minister, her work with food and how she is aiming to combine the two. 

Other topics discussed include understanding the energy of food, developing conscious awareness around our bodies, learning compassionate eating and what to do when we think we have slipped up after beginning a healthy eating regime. 

Food is pivotal to our survival but only if we get it right yet there is so few of us understand how to discover what works for us. We are all leading different lives and as a result, have different dietary needs. 

Speaking to Anita gave me, someone who is always striving for better health so many insights and I know there are takeaways for you too. 

To find out more about Anita go to www.sistahintheraw.com

5. Spirituality in the City with Rachael Welford

RACHAEL-H.E.R. 2000PX (4).png

On this weeks HER Conversations I am joined by Rachael Welford of Welford Wellbeing.
Through her company, she offers a range of healing modalities including Meditation, Reiki, Gong Baths for
the stressed out Londoner looking for some calm in this crazy city. 

I feel that one of the main factors in Rachael’s success is her candour about her experiences and her approachability. 

During our time together Rachael shares the reality of living with depression and anxiety, how she found value within that challenge and what it actually means to be a spiritual person living in a city like London. 

Find out more about Rachael www.welfordwellbeing.com

4. The Healing Power of Essential Oils with Abi Osho

ABI- H.E.R. 2000PX (3).png

My guest HER Conversations this week is Abi Osho.

Abi is a dōTERRA Wellness Consultant, Lifestyle Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

During our talk Abi speaks about the power and potency of essential oils. 

Most women have a cabinet burgeoning with lotions and potions. Usually we will have purchased them because of some promised benefits. We want toned, unblemished skin, we want to smell delicious however the price we pay for these results can be high. 

Talking from personal experience I have slowly phased out using the commonly available toiletries and cosmetics after doing my own deeper research and being shocked to find what the common ingredients in readily available beauty products are potentially doing to my body. 

Abi names some of the main chemicals in our beauty products that we should try to avoid. 

She highlights the power of our emotions and how if they are not addressed they create chronic illness within our body. 

Also why she thinks some diseases only occur within certain cultures and the significance of that

There are so many essential oils to chose from and it can be overwhelming knowing what they do and where to start. So Abi helps us out by choosing top 3 essential essential oils. 

For more information in Abi Osho and her work www.soul-medicine.co.uk

3. Channeling Truth (including meditation and channelled message) with Courtney Amundson


This week HER Conversations guest is Courtney Amundson. She is a highly prodigious musician and author. Her first book Teachings from God was written and published when she was still a teenager. 

What most fascinates me about Courtney is not only has she accomplished so much so early on in her life but that she is a channeler. It was this channelled wisdom that formed the content of her book. 

As you listen you will get to understand:

  • What it feels like physically when you channel
  • The difference between trusting and knowing 
  • How we are all channels. 

And as an extra treat, Courtney will guide us through a powerful meditation with a special channelled message for us all. Needless to say, that part of the podcast is not for you unless you can be in a relaxed space. 

For more information on Courtney www.teachingsfromgod.com

2. Understanding Vibration & What Spirit Wants Us To Know with Alexis Jones

H.E.R. ALEXIS - 2000PX.png

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like to a psychic? Well, today you get to find out. 

This week HER Conversations is with Alexis Jones. 

Alexis is a natural born psychic, clairvoyant and clairaudient. She is also a certified QHHT Past Life Regression practitioner. 

I have had a personal reading from Alexis and can personally attest to her genuine connection with spirit. Her approach is real and direct and usually way ahead of time. 

In this episode, Alexis shares how she came to discover and use her gift. 

She also talks about the purpose of chaos, gives the best analogy of what it means to be in high vibration and the reasons why we miss the signs when our loved ones in spirit are trying to communicate. 

And so much more... 

Find Alexis online at www.oneancientsoul.com