69. Podcasting With Purpose with Sydney Weiss

My guest on this week's HER Conversations is Sydney Weiss who is not only a full time Lawyer but also the sole producer of the award winning, Seek The Joy Podcast.

During our conversation she shares how she successfully handles these time consuming endeavours, the personal growth she has experienced because of podcasting and the spiritual philosophies that can assist all content creators.

Find out more about Sydney www.seekthejoypodcast.com

68. Sacred Adornment with Kerry Wilde | Live @ RA MA Festival

My guest on this weeks HER Conversations is Kerry Wilde. Kerry is a Slow Fashion expert bridging the worlds of Spirituality, Sustainability + Adornment. Spending over 25 years in the Fast Fashion industry, she now has one mission and that is to guide through the Art of Slow, a platform delivering empowering workshops, Swap Shop events & Tailored Adornment sessions for those wishing to leave a legacy on the planet. Set to awaken+ inspire a new wave of buying, wearing and loving our clothes.

I spoke to Kerry at her Swap Shop event at Ra Ma Festival, Mallorca.

Find out more www.theartofslow.co

67. Spirituality - My Practice, Presence & Future with Carol Mae Whittick

This week's episode is a solo recording. I was making notes thinking about the impact that the Ra Ma Festival had, had on me. It was so much more than just being part of the event. I was thrown into deep introspection. I understood now why I needed a spiritual practice and a spiritual community.

This also lead me to examine my life to date and assess and alter the goals I have for my future. Some of which are a surprise to me...

66. HER Conversations | LIVE @ RA MA Festival with Joanna Pitt

HER Conversations is on the streets and spaces of Mallorca at the RA MA Festival bringing you exclusive interviews with the organisers, presenters and visitors. In this episode, Joanna Pitt, Global Director of Operations for RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology talks about the growth and vision for the festival, why events like this necessary and her personal experiences with Kundalini Yoga Women's Teachings.

Learn more about RA MA ramayogainstitute.com