To fully Become H.E.R. there are 3 aspects of ourselves we need to
examine, transform and integrate.
They work together and in a specific order. 

First is Spirituality. 
We must intrinsically and wholeheartedly know that we are a part of something greater than ourselves and with this knowledge be confident in the control we wield in our lives. We are not lonely victims. Instead, we are a unique expression of The Universe or whatever we choose for it. 
If there is any expression of lack - especially money -  in our lives this is only because of our beliefs being reflected back to us. 
Yes, we are that powerful!

Next is Sensuality. 
Now we know who we really are we need to respect the physical aspect of ourselves.
Beginning with Self-Love we must marvel at the miraculous body that we have and honour it by striving for good health. We develop mindfulness about what we consume -  both food and information. Our sexual energy becomes sacred and is only shared with those who are respectful to who we know ourselves to be.

Finally, Style.
Here the focus is on the impression and impact we have on the world. 
Who are we helping and inspiring?
Are we being our authentic selves?
This can be a simple as how we decorate our environment and the words we speak to more complex ideas such as creating families, businesses and movements, 
What will your legacy be?