Do you feel that you could be and should be showing up in a bigger way in your life but are not sure where to start or what you can offer?
Do you prefer to work in an intimate setting?

My Becoming H.E.R. Unique programme will be tailored specifically to you. 

  1. We will work out what your true desires are and establish exactly where you are right now.
  2. We will identify why you are not where you say you want to be.
    Be prepared the answer may surprise you.
    This is usually about what you believe you deserve and on some level not achieving your dreams is benefitting you. Once you know this your life can really start to change. I promise!
  3. We will put a plan together and week by week, smash through blocks and begin building you up into a woman who attracts the life she wants.
    Get ready to see magic!

Are you keen to get started? 
Contact me to arrange a free 30 minute discovery call where we discuss your desires and see if we are a good fit to work together. 


Attending a webinar means connecting with like-minded women from across the world, while supporting, listening and learning together. 

The most recent webinar, Become 'That' Woman was tailored for women who wanted to:

  • Start to feel lucky in their lives.
  • Feel confident in their skin. 
  • Be comfortable as the centre of attention.

Press play on the video to hear the playback.

There will be many more to come.
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Workshops are always a fantastic, fun and super supportive experience. 

Friends are made, everybody feels safe and heard. 

Varying in length from a 2 hour evening taster to a weekend intensive experience.

Recent topics covered include: 

  • Knowing You Through Your Higher Self
  • Connect To Your Confidence
  • Self Love Is Not Selfish
  • Loving The Temple Of Your Body
  • Finding Your Style

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The advantages of online courses include being able progress through your study at your own pace and convenience while still connecting to the community of women who are equally committed to their transformation. 

You will also receive email support for any queries that arise and be able to communicate with others taking a similar journey. 
Some of the programs will include regular tele seminars. 

Stay connected for notifications about upcoming online courses.